First of all, I’d like to thank all the people who supported me all throughout this competition and to Nokia and Elle for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my creativeness through this style portfolio.

Dieu est la gloire

Fashion and writing are the two things that I have been always interested since I was a child. Growing up in a province here in the Philippines, was a challenge for me, during my childhood days, dressing up was not really a necessity for all and that good clothes are very limited. But that never really stopped me from dreaming, and so at the age of 9, I already knew what I wanted in life; I wanted to travel and to make it big in the fashion industry.

For me fashion is the greatest art ever created. It is something that could be seen and worn at the same time. It is through fashion that I am able to express my creativity. Writing on the other hand is my way to convey my emotions and communicate my creativeness to the world. It is amazing how I have found my identity and confidence through dressing up and how I am able to inspire people with my words. Fashion and writing are two great things that continually inspire me to push myself to the limits and break the boundaries of my fears.

My writing style is something that most people could relate to, light, approachable and somewhat humorous. It actually defines the totally of who I am as a person and my style philosophy. Over the years, I have constantly re-invented myself, always looking for something new, always changing for the better. And so I have learned that whether it’s fashion or writing, it is really important to have fun and stand out by being nobody but myself.

Blogging is one of the many ways I connect with people and right now the best tool that’s been helping me with my blogging is the new Nokia pink n8. It’s perfect for a girl like me who needs to plug into the internet all the time. Nokia N8 has this massive 16GB storage space that allows me to save as much files as possible. I could easily take snapshots and videos, download music and applications from the Nokia Ovi Store, get updated with the latest fashion news (via Elle app), connect with social networking sites and post things on my blog, all in just a quick touch. Plus the phone comes in a cute pink color that instantly oomph any outfit I wear.

Nokia pink n8 is everything that I wanted and needed to be: bold, stylish and powerful, the ultimate accessory any girl could ever have.

snapshots taken and edited with Nokia N8, click the each photo to view in full resolution

New York for me is the trend-setting capital of the world, the center of cutting edge fashion. It is a city full of inspiring images from culture to places to people. It has this energetic mixture of creativeness and power and It is fascinating on how fashion plays a big part in everyone’s lives there and that I think is what makes New York so special.

If I would given the chance to be a part of the biggest fashion gathering in the world, I would really want to take a look at the collections of New York’s finest designers in it’s purest and unadulterated form, before being watered down by retail and advertising, which is often a safer, more wearable version than the catwalk. I’d like to be able see the works of the most respected artists of the modern era (photographers, models, stylists, designers, bloggers), meet and work with the masters behind Elle magazine and capture the most compelling trends, fresh from the runway and translate those trends in my own perspective and share it to everyone through my blog and with the help of Nokia N8.

To be in New York for the fashion week is one big dream come true, a chance of a lifetime and I could probably write a whole book (really!) on how much I wanted to be there and how much I really wanted to win. But as I’ve said in my round two entry, I wanted to be Nokia and Elle’s Next Style Correspondent not only because I love fashion, but more importantly I want to show the world what I am capable of, to showcase the Filipino talent and to inspire people like me, tell them that something amazing is waiting for us just around the corner and that everything is possible if we keep on believing.

My name is Isabelle and Urban Dai is the name I created for my blog, which in my own language means “city girl” because I was this girl who moved to the city 7 years ago and I never really thought how much I would enjoy it.

I’ve always described myself as this semi-narcissistic absolutely random person who is a sucker for fun, fashion, entertainment and just really anything and everything under the sun. I’m often referred to as the Jack of all trades, because I love doing a lot of things: I sing, I dance, I act and I blog, I sell and oh, I do hairstyling for photo shoots and events sometimes.

I believe that imagination is better than knowledge, hence, I day dream for almost 60% of my time. But my ultimate dream is to travel the world and have my contributions in Fashion be published in books and magazines someday (and I secretly believe that my natural charm and infectious laugh will get me there)

I also believe that a style correspondent should be someone who is thick – faced and knows how to have fun. Someone who has a personality and writing style that most people could relate to, someone who not only influences but also inspires people for the better. And someone who knows how to blend in and yet manages to stand out in the crowd. You know what? I know exactly who that person is, and that is, ME.

And to sum things up, I made a video on why I am deserving to be part of the top 8 finalists who will be sent to New York Fashion Week this Fall, enjoy!

Nokia and Elle

Favorite Outfit Posts

Style combined with my quirky happy personality added with passion and right attitude is my ticket to New York City and my weapon to make a mark in the fashion industry. If you believe that I’ve got what it takes then please do vote for me as Nokia and Elle’s Next Style Correspondent.

Click this link to like my entry.

Thank you all so much!


59 thoughts on “STYLE PORTFOLIO

  1. Aleks

    Isabelle your looks are daringly chic yet totally wearable. Great ideas, I definitely could don this on my upcoming trip to New York. Keep us posted, we can’t get enough of you. Kudos! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Charm Cruz (@charmcruzRND)

    I really like the 3rd look, so sophisticated. The portfolio and the style, is so URBANDAI ❀ Kudos to the Photographer, Make-up Artist, and to the Stylist-Blogger. I will be your avid blog reader now. This portfolio is for NY Fashion Week :))

  3. Rmi Adato

    wow! i don’t know how to express how i feel. I’m so happy for you friend! Brilliant portfolio!!! you are now my style icon. The chic next door is my favorite πŸ™‚ hands down friend. Hello NY na! HUGGGG!!!

  4. Mariko

    Shower of kudos for your amazing fashion sense!!! I love the combination of everything… sophistication, elegance go out from every style! Bravo intet!

  5. Anna

    ang galing! πŸ˜‰ i cover na to sa cosmopolitan magazine!!! i love your style and your dress..clap! congrats.. πŸ™‚ ❀ good luck! hello NY!!! wohoooo yeah!! πŸ˜€

  6. Micah

    you totally rock in all of those outfits! and honestly you seem like a professional already. I am just amazed at how young you are and yet so mature and confident on so many levels. I hope you win the contest. I’ll link up your blog to mine πŸ™‚

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