I am Isabelle and I am a regular 23 year old blogger who moved to the city 7 years ago and enjoyed the buzzing city life.
I am a semi-narcissistic absolutely random person, I love everything under the sun except sports.
I love to laugh over silly jokes and I often (unexpectedly) make a fool out of myself. I am very clumsy, I trip and fall down 80% of the time. I am always perpetually late and I usually roll down to the first clothes I could find. I would kill to be size 0 but size 2-4 would be fine. I have chameleon like traits and I believe that I am always the balance between the opposites.
I believe that imagination is better than knowledge, hence, I day dream for almost 60% of my time. But my ultimate dream is to travel the world, have my contributions in Fashion and Marketing be published in books and magazines and I want to have my own international TV show (and I secretly believe that my natural charm and infectious laugh will get me there)
Now this blog is my own self portal where I share my adventures, my passions and my unexpected shenanigans.


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