Smythson 2014 Diaries

I started carrying a diary ever since I learned the art of organizing things. Diaries, have been an essential part of the lives of most of the people in the world, they have become a need at some point. But given the numerous choices of organizers that the market offers, it’s really very hard for me to choose which one should we be carrying for the rest of the year. But at the end, one brand still stands out as it never failed to make our hearts melt and our mouths water year after year, why I’m talking about Smythson of course.
Smythson have been making diaries for over 125 years, they introduced the first ever portable diary in 1908 using featherweight and since then they expanded their collections and offered their diaries in different sizes and styles including the crossgrain textured leather or glossy crocodile print Mara calf leather, making every piece covetable.
Smythson has definitely revolutionized diary making by creating a world of organized luxury, an intelligent and fashionable way to structure our lives.
This Autumn, Smythson introduces rich autumn tones; midnight blue, ochre and Venetian red. All of this season’s diaries features their signature watermarked, pale blue Featherweight paper or white wove paper, eloquently trimmed with gilt edges.
Also, for the added luxury, some of their styles are incorporated with an elegant enamel clasp, which I totally love. And the ultimate finishing touch is to have your diary personalized with your initials stamped in gold or silver-leaf.
diary-image-1diary-image-4diary-image-3diary-image-2diary-image-6My personal favorites from this collection are of course the 2014 Fashion Diary with Day Per Page Layout, which is perfect for people like me who love to scribble down every thoughts that I have in mind. It also features a week to view layout so that we won’t miss out on any appointments. I also like the 2014 Panama Diary with Pocket, it’s very compact and it’s very suitable for travelling. And lastly, the  Zipped Bijou Organizer, the most fashionable diary ever! It features a refillable note book, two pockets and a Smythson pencil. This is also suited for travelling as it is very compact plus it can also serve as a mini purse!
For more information on Smythson’s Autumn collection and to view all diaries click here



One thought on “Smythson 2014 Diaries

  1. Zoe

    My father had an office in New Bond Street, and always bought us all a Smythson Personalised diary for – Christmas, I have just purchased three children for this christmas… so the tradition lives on on!

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