Back to Black


I often think that my attitude towards my hair is as bipolar as the weather here in Manila. I didn’t know what I really wanted this time, but I knew for a fact that I am so over with my blonde hair. Yep, I loved it to bits but the gloomy weather made it look unflattering and worn out. So when I went to the salon, I asked them to copy the color of my roots and tadaaaa!!! After long years of playing with dyes,  I’m now back to my original hair color.
Anyway, I was aiming for a mod look yesterday, so my sister and I tried making our subtle take on 60’s makeup. To hype the vibe, I wore this a-line top and cut out pencil skirt that I recently got from SM Ladies. I know, it’s another black and white look but, due to the recent changes in the weather, I couldn’t help but just stick to my favorite hues. But on the plus side, I’m trying out get out of the usual silhouettes that I have been wearing to make my look a bit interesting. Lastly, I scored this gorgeous pair of silver shoes on sale at Zara and I think I’m planning to wear it everyday until it worns out, so you’ll be seeing more of it in the blog! 🙂
Noir (SM Ladies) Top and Skirt; Zara Shoes; Express Jacket; Ray Ban sunglasses; Hair by Toni and Guy Manila

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