SM Ladies’ Plus Size Model Search 2013

Remember when Cady Heron said that she used to think that there was just fat and skinny, but apparently there can be a lot of things that can be wrong about your body? Well, I never actually thought of that not until I turned 18 and began seeing the world on a different perspective, a girl’s perspective. Cady was actually right, no matter how perfect we seem to be on the outside, inside, girls have this never ending list of insecurities: curly hair, straight hair, too short, too tall, dark skin, fair skin, breakouts, freckles, eye bags, short legs, long legs, big eyes, chinky eyes… and a whole lot more.
I guess one of the reasons behind this is that our society was long blinded by the false beliefs on perfection and that most advertisements made us feel that girls need to be as pretty as Barbie in order to be appreciated.
I myself had my fair share of beauty issues, I used to be really chubby way back in 2009 and I felt like I was the ugliest person on earth. I couldn’t wear the clothes that I used to wear (and wanted to wear) and friends would always crack jokes about my weight. So that’s when I started doing all these crazy fad diets and  starved myself to death, well not literally. But anyway, by the end of the day I realized that I don’t really need to be as skinny as those runway models in order to look good. I just need to find the perfect clothes that are really fit for my body.
And that is why, when I heard about SM Ladies Plus Size Model Search, I had no reason but to share it with you guys.
The contest is actually part of SM Ladies’ commitment to help women of all body types to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. What I like about it is that it encourages plus size women to flaunt their natural shapes with the clothes that are specially tailored for them. Also, I like the fact that this contest gives all the women with curves a chance to become models!
Plus Size Year 2
If you are 16-40 yr. old female model and at least 5’2 in height, and can fit on size 2L to 4L, then now is your chance to live your dream and join the awesome Search for the Next Plus Size Model.
Joining is definitely easy, just purchase any item from in house brands such as Jus Ur Size and Jus Jeans, present your receipt at the SM Plus Size Department Redemption Booth and get your unique code and application form. You can submit your entries manually by dropping by the SM Plus Size Department or you can submit it online through Facebook.
For a more detailed instructions on how to join click here
The contest runs from April 15- June 16, 2013 so that means you guys still have a few more weeks to join! What are you guys waiting for? Visit your nearest SM Ladies Department store and submit your entries
And remember, real beauty is not always about how you look outside but more importantly it’s how you feel inside, so be confident!

3 thoughts on “SM Ladies’ Plus Size Model Search 2013

  1. Eliza Keilah

    My sister is also a chubby girl 🙂 Many people are teasing her that she’s fat and also her weight that if she get angry, she’ll just squash them using her body. And then. I told her not to mind them 🙂 And I am happy that she’s… HER, and we are very close to each other. We share our secrets and problems ! I LOVE HER and her weight or size doesn’t matter as long as she maintains her good attitude ^____________^ ❤

  2. Eliza Keilah

    May I ask a favor? Although you don’t know me yet, uhhm… Can you please inform me if SM is searching for new models? I’m 13 years young you can just view my facebook/twitter account. I’m not a bad person, it’s just that……….. Since I was 6, i dreamed on becoming an artist or model and now that I’m 13 (turning 14 this September), I wanna make all of my DREAMS COME TRUE! ^_^

    Thank you in ADVANCE and GOD BLESS YOU ❤ :* 😀

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