Fire Exit

I had my eyes on this origami skort from Zara ever since it was first delivered in the stores. The white version had been selling like hotcakes all over the world that and because of that, it actually made me think whether I should still get one for myself or not. Anyway, due to the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction I had to go through last week, the skot had no chance but to be with me. And well my mouth kind of watered (well not literally) when I saw that they now have it in blue.
I paired this my skort with this amazing halter top that I got on sale from Topshop. I never actually thought that I’d wear something in this silhouette as I don’t have that sexy muscular fit shoulders that would go perfectly with it. And yes, yes I know, wrinkled clothes are sooooo unattractive, but I don’t know, this whole outfit made me feel good about myself again (even when it looks a bit untidy haha!). Maybe Becky Bloomwood was right, if everyone gets to wear new clothes everyday then depression might actually disappear from this world.
Topshop top, Zara skort and heels, Make up by Jonard for Essensuals Toni and Guy Manila

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