Hearts Day with Links of London

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate this sweet sweet event than to spend a meaningful day with your loved ones. And it wouldn’t actually hurt to make their hearts melt and spoil them with some awesome gifts. Here are some of my personal recommendations.


I am totally in love right now with Links of London, Links of London is an iconic international jewelry brand that captures London’s wit, spirit and heart within its stunning jewelry collections. What I like about this brand is that every piece is a classic. Something that would never really go out of trend but  it also has this quirky modern twist that keeps it interesting. Fun and timeless, I guess that’s what really true love is all about.

1. Links of London Driver black dial watch 
2. Links of London Infinite links bracelet
3. Links of London Entwine bangle
4. Links of London Bag charm
5. Links of London Mini Heart metallic purple charm
6. Links of London Frog Prince charm
7. Links of London Big Ben charm
8. Links of London Starfish charm
Happy Valentine’s day!

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