In the midst of all blurry runway photos on instagram and endless Fall/Winter 2013 reviews from, I happened to take a break and just contemplated on the present state of fashion.
Over the past few weeks I have been wandering my eyes through the windows of my favorite shops and just thinking how on earth would I have the guts to sport this certain piece of clothing from the 90’s. O well, they say that some people obsess over that things that they know they can never have and I happen to be one of those unfortunate beings.
Ok, cut the drama, here are some sets that I made featuring my Spring/Summer 2013 latest obsession: Cropped Tops


For this set, I was thinking more je ne sais quoi. This is something that I would probably wear on a Sunday brunch in Paris, casually sipping champagne at 10 am in the morning, with the Eiffel Tower on my view.
1. Erickson Beamon necklace via Net-A-Porter
2. Topshop cropped top
3. Illesteva sunglasses via Net-A-Porter
4. Alexander Wang shoes
5. Topshop paisley skirt
6. Burberry Prorsum Gladstone Metallic Leather tote
My next set is more New York-ish, trends on trends. Black and white, stripes and cropped top; Exploring the gridlocks of Manhattan.
1. Topshop bowler hat
2. Pieces necklace
3. Topshop basic sleeveless cropped top
4. Illesteva sunglasses via Net-A-Porter
5. Jil Sander houndstooth clutch
6. Topshop striped skirt
7. Zara heels
There you go, ok now back to NYFW.

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