Hello, Goodbye

I can probably sum up my 2012 into two words, bad decisions. Yes, my year was never all good, not what I was expecting and it could only be blamed to the fact that I’ve made some awful priorities and allowed my emotions to affect what ever choice that I had to make. But that was all in the past, this year, I am not saying that I will be a better or worse person that I am as of this moment but I’d like to make the word “maturity” go down in my system, after all I’m turning 23 in the next few days to come. So, as usual I’ve made a little checklist on what I want to accomplish this year. I call this my recipe for success.
1. The never ending need to lose weight. I know most of you are probably tired of this resolution as it comes in my list ever single year, but this time some serious exercise and diet comes with the plan. Project Skinny 2013 (the last of the 6 seasons).
2. To drop the things that I don’t need and put little emphasis on what people are going to say about me.
3. To focus more on the things that I really love, family, fashion, blogging art etc. etc.
4. To meet more inspiring people and to enjoy life as it is.
5. And lastly, To commit myself into reaching just one goal and to be motivated and inspired everyday (which is probably the hardest thing to achieve).
So there you go, my recipe for success, I’m hoping to achieve everything next year but if not, number 1 would do.
And so I’d like to make a virtual toast, to all the experiences I’ve had, good or bad and to all the people that have been part of my roller coaster year, Thank you. I hope that next year we may all be wiser and stronger (and skinnier). Cheers everyone!
But wait, I wouldn’t want to end this post without any fashion related stuff, so here’s my New Year outfit recommendation.
1. Michael Kors sequin jersey top
2. Weekday outerwear
3. Chanel Rouge Allure velvet matte lipstick
4. Red or Dead sequin skirt
5. Wolfband redctangle ring
6. Burberry Country animal studded purse
7. Jeffrey Campbell Zorro cap toe boots
8. Sophie Hermann skating skirt
9. Topshop embellished midriff top
10. YSL Wedge sandals 

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