Burgundy Christmas

UD Christmas 2012c15c29c32c31

It’s been probably 3 years since I last wore a dress for Christmas. My Holiday uniform has always been a Top-Skirt  and whatever accessories I can mash up (Not to mention that it has always been in the Black-Gray color). I was about to do the same routine this year but as soon as I laid eyes on this dress, I fell in love. It’s not my kind of silhouette, I’m not even sure if I like stripes but this dress is just perfect. I paired it with these sky high heels, which arrived from the US few hours before I was about to decide on what shoes to wear. And thank goodness it arrived just in time because somehow it did wonders to my legs (HAHAHAHA). I tried to play it low on the accessories, just a gold necklace and some spiky bracelets to break the monotony.
Anyway, enough of my Holiday vanity, I need to catch up on some sleep now, Happy holidays everyone!
Zara Woman dress, Jessica Simpson heels, H&M necklace

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