PossibilitiesPossibilitiesPossibilitiesPossibilitiesPossibilitiesPossibilities PossibilitiesPossibilities

It’s weird how I happen to notice that I am almost always wearing dark colors in most of my photos. In fact, I got this upset feeling when I saw that most of my wardrobe is in the black shade (like how many black shorts and skirts do I need in my life?). Anyway, since my Nokia Lumia and I are inseparable nowadays, I decided to play around with colors a bit. Ok, to tell you honestly, I got inspired to dress up like my current theme “dark and pink”. And to pump up my look I decided to wear a little bit of accessories and a cuff that would somehow give you guys a preview on what I have been working on my mood board (which will be out really really soon soooon!).
Limitless possibilities, that’s how dressing up feels like to me. There are so many options to choose from yet sometimes we are bounded by our own limits. And It’s funny how Nokia had inspired me (yet again) to move beyond these limits.

Possibilities #NokiaLVK

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Mango jacket and top, F21 shorts, Zara shoes, Polar sunnies, Accessorize clutch, Nokia LUMIA 900

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