Baby, It’s Cold Outside

When I tell people that I blog about fashion and that I work in the fashion industry, I get these random comments about styling and such. Most of them would usually ask me on what looks good on them but I just give them the usual “what do you like wearing?” answer. I may have been working in the fashion industry for almost years, styling mannequins, coordinating collections etc etc but I still don’t consider myself as a master of another person’s personal style. For me, dressing is all about wearing what you want and being comfortable in what you wear.
In my case, I live in a place where the sun shines 95% of the time but I like pretending that the temperature is lower by 10 degrees. I am also aware of the fact that I have extra huge calves but hey, I don”t care because I am more comfortable wearing skirts and shorts than covering my legs in pants. I once was this person who overly cares on what people are gonna say, but then I realized that style is gets less authentic when we allow ourselves to be influenced too much. And however cliche it may sound the only style advice that I could give is to love yourself and be yourself.
All photos were shot by Nokia Lumia 900
Zara parka, Mango top, Mphosis necklace, Michael Antonio heels, Cotton On cap, Ray-ban sunglasses

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