First Look Nokia Lumia 900

I woke up to this beautiful Nokia Lumia 900 last Monday, what can I say? Every feature is surprisingly amazing. I am not all techie at all so I cannot provide you will all the hardcore details but necessary things like super fast internet, high resolution camera, easy swipe and huge screen (which is perfect for viewing websites and blogs) are present. The user interface is fun and easy to use, pin here, pin there. I can also listen to the latest in music without downloading! Thanks to mix radio. App wise, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress works as awesome as they look (no waiting in minutes in loading photos and videos).  What else? Oh and yes, the maps are totally reliable.
Windows OS totally gave Nokia Lumia a smart and awesome makeover. And I’m not saying this just because they sent me this phone, but because Lumia is really magnificent, and I do carry it all the time. It’s nothing like Apple or Android, it’s a whole new technology and I’m really excited to use this in my mood board for Nokia and LeiVanKash.
Stay tuned!



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