My First and Last of Summer 2012

Wow!! it’s been really really long since I last uploaded photos of me here in Urbandai (instagram photos are not counted! haha). If you had been reading my last post I actually said that I would be taking a break from blogging, but I suddenly remembered that I have few other photos left in storage that are waiting to be seen by ze world wide web.
Anyway, these photos were taken during ZARA Philippines’ company outing last May. Sadly, this was the only trip I had last summer. We went to Subic to watch some Ocean Adventure shows and had a little bit of fun and games at the beach after.
I wore a tie dye maxi dress, which was perfect for the weather (Subic is one of the hottest place here in the PH) and just threw all the first accessories that my eyes could find. Also, I wore the dress’ actual belt as a headband to hide my ugly looking roots. Annnnnd I won best outfit!! (yey)!!
Here are some more photos from the trip

My friend Macky who dressed up like an old lady from the province on his first trip to Manila (haha!) complete with all the props (boxes, biscuit can and bayong). A total laugh trip, he won the best dressed title for Men’s by the way.


oh that’s Macky again, now dressed up as a mermaid! See you guys again next Fall! 🙂
Mango dress/B. Makowsky bag/Ray-Ban sunnies/DIY wooden necklace/Bing Bang heart necklace


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