Hello everyone, let me just give you a quick summary of what I have been up to these past few months:
1. I got myself an iphone, so that explains why I have these instagram photos all over my blog, I hope the photos are clear. Follow me on instgram: urbandai
2. I left my old job in ZARA, so I am technically living a sweet bum life at the moment. I miss my friends there btw.
3. And since I’ve got all the time in my hands, I have been educating myself with all things that are related to the Beatles. I have been watching anthologies here and there and downloading their music almost everyday. I’ve been reading their scandals too, 3 weeks ago I was obsessed with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, right now I am still obsessed with John Lennon (I love him, I wish he lived in this era) but pretty much addicted to Ms. Pattie Boyd too.
4. I have decided to take a rest from blogging, I am thinking of giving Urban Dai a new face by Fall 2012, so if you guys know anyone who could make my site a bit more attractive, please do contact me.
5. I got myself a job (!) and I am pretty excited about it! I am starting this August and I don’t want to tell everyone where it is yet, but it is quite safe to say that I am still with Fashion Retail 🙂
So there you go, I hope I don’t bore you guys with my lousy updates, I am typing as fast as I can for no reason haha (perhaps I really do miss blogging).


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