Alone Together: BingBang X Urban Dai

Life is all about making a journey, being a wanderer in your own uncertain world. You meet people, you go places, you learn and you grow. We love, we get lost, we fall down and then we walk again alone.
Sometimes, when I am alone, I think of all the things that happened in the past, back at the time when the dead air used to be so sweet, now it’s bitter, now it’s depressing.
You know, A wise man once said, that when you are alone there’s a very good chance that you’ll meet things that scare you right out of your pants. That there are some down the road that will scare you so much that you won’t want to go on. But there’s no point of not wanting to go on, no matter how difficult life may seem, there’s always an option left for us to choose and that is to move on.
Anyway, speaking of being alone, Do you guys remember that trip in New York last September where I’ve met the amazing accessories designer Anna Sheffield? Anyway, her label, BingBang launched yet another impressive line to watch out for, and it’s called Alone Together.

Alone Together is collection that’s captivated by the magical and surreal moments of Twilight, the perfect mixture of light and darkness. Ok enough talking, let the pieces speak for themselves, here are my favorites ❤

Lovely eh? Browse the entire collection by clicking this link. And good news to all UD readers and subcribers! you guys could enjoy a 20% off  on any of the pieces from Alone Together with this special promocode: BBxUrbanDai. Hurry, this amazing offer last only for a month! so go shopping now 🙂


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