Bipolar. Someone told me that being with me is like being on a bumpy roller coaster ride. One day I would be fully energized and be as high as the stars and the next day my mood would be down as the sole of my shoes.  Bipolar like the weather, like Indian summer in the middle of the winter and hard candy with a surprise center (Thank you Katy Perry for that idea), there are always these things about me that I never publicize and probably leave to the observant people to know. And when they do, they give their own black and white judgements, that would either (and always) be satisfying or downgrading.
Today, I cannot say that I have fully recovered from my own asylum of doubts, but good news and good companies are always there to bring me back to my lucid state. And though I have my hot and cold persona, I’m always proud to say that I never give up and that my dreams will always be bigger than my fears.
ZARA top/Wet Seal shorts/F21 shoes/H&M necklace/Marc by Marc Jacobs bag


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