They Say An End Can Be A Start

Right now, I am lying down on a foreign bed in a place far away from Manila. I’m freezing because of the cold air and I’m wearing my rather unflattering (but very comfortable and very pink) jacket that I got from San Francisco. It’s my first ever long vacation since I started working last October.
It feels so different (in a good way) to spend a lot of time with my family and yes also with myself. And it kind of made me realize how everything has already changed and what I have been missing. I have been living inside a nutshell and trying to be that perfect person that everyone expects me to be. But you know there’s so much more to life that just being boring, I need adventure, spontaneity and perhaps love. I need to be myself again, and the only way is to finally let go, let go and be crazy and live life. And it starts right now, where it’s ended.
H&M sweater, blouse, necklace/ZARA skirt/Marc by Marc Jacobs bag/BingBang x WeSC necklace/JC Lita


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