Avoid the Obvious, We Should be Facing the Truth

Have you ever had that moment in your life where everything was in perfect place then suddenly finding yourself hitting rock bottom and you had nothing to do but to chose between what you think is good for you and what you know you like?
Of course, you’d be choosing the obvious, of course, you’d give up the things that somehow make you happy because you know that what’s good for you will eventually make you happy in the end. But what if in the middle of the long walk, things became blurry and doubtful?
How about when you find yourself in a situation where you gave all your best just to be the perfect person that people wanted you to be and then in the end they’ll make you feel useless and unimportant?
Have you ever felt that one moment where you just wanted to scream on the top of your lungs and just forget about  the bad days but all you could do is to put your hands in your face and cry?
Have you ever had regrets about letting go of something or someone you love just because you felt contented with the things that once made you feel sane and normal? and have you ever had so many questions in mind and you feel hopeless, alone and left behind? and all you could do is to make a pathetic blog post so that everyone could be in the same miserable state as you are?
Well… I have and I’m glad I have these wonderful friends I can count on to.


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