UD Beauty Index 03212012

I’ve always wanted to take a photo of all my make-up stuff (just like everyone else) and talk about the things that make me look as the person that I look in my photos. But because my make up bag is just a black mesh pouch, you can imagine how everything looks like, well not that icky, unhygienic type, but somehow not photo ready.
Anyway, since I couldn’t get the idea off my mind and since it’s my day off today, I decided to somehow show give you guys a sneak peek on what’s inside my beauty bag.
For the skin…
(1) Make Up Forever Sens’ Eyes – I use it to remove all the possible left overs of eye make up. I like it because it cleanses my eyes in just a few seconds and it has a moisturizing effect so I don’t need to use any of those expensive eye moisturizers.
(2) Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes – My mom introduced me this product a week ago and I’m lready in love with it! It’s very convenient, it’s almost the same as cleanser and toner but it comes in a wet tissue form plus it has this very soothing scent.
(3) Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – My favorite moisturizer ever, why? simply because it’s not heavy on the face and I can use it day and night because it doesn’t make my skin oily.
So let’s move on to FACE..
(1) Make Up Forever HD Primer – I naturally have a very oily skin and so I always carry with me my whole make up bag. It is because most of the time I need to do a touch up on my skin in order to look fresh all day long (which I really hate by the way). So whenever I go to parties or any event that requires me to carry minimal baggage, I always use a primer. I like MUFE’s HD primer because it allows me to wear me eye make up without looking like a panda after a few hours.
(2) Revlon Photo Ready Foundation – This is the best, over the counter foundation anyone could have. Medium coverage, perfect for everyday use.
(3) Revlon Photo Ready Concealer – I use it to cover the blemishes of the past (HAHA!) Seriously, I use it to cover my eye bags and some pimple marks and I like it because it’s not heavy on the face and their medium color matches exactly with my skin tone.
(4) Make Up Forever Matte Loose Powder – I am a fan of loose powder, and this one from MUFE is my ultimate favorite, it’s light and it doesn’t cake in my face even after long hours of wearing it.
(5) Make Up Forever HD Powder – I use this product together with the HD primer, it gives my face this supple matte feel that looks perfect in photos.
My favorite part, EYES..
(1) Prestige Eye Brow Pencil – I’m using the dark brown color, I have blonde hair now but still prefer to have those dark mysterious (oftentimes, ungroomed) eyebrows. I have been accustomed to using Prestige because it’s very easy to apply and very affordable too.
(2) Make Up Forever Smoky Palette – I love this because I can create different looks, whether it’s casual, smoky, lazy or whatever, the colors are perfect because they give my eyes just the right amount of drama that I needed for any occasion.
(3) Make Up Forever Smoky Lash – doesn’t smudge and lasts long, now tell me why I should love this mascara?
(4) Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes – I almost never go out without eye liner, I love how it makes my eyes look bigger and the black shade has always been my favorite. Aqua eyes is just the best pencil I’ve used so far. It’s easy to apply and it has this full black color.
And lastly, let’s go to LIPS and CHEEKS..
(1) MAKE UP FOREVER’s HD Blush – it’s a cream blush that has the perfect shade of pink and same as my products that I have been using, it’s easy to apply and it lasts long (see I told you I hate re-touching).
(2) Chapstick – The best drugstore lip balm ever.
(3) MAKE UP FOREVER’s 5 COLOR LIP PALETTE – This is what I often use on a daily basis. I have the one with 5 different shades of nude, very convenient and it doesn’t dry out my lips.
(4) MAC Russian Red Lipstick – This was a gift from my little nephew and this has got to be the best red lipstick ever. Smells good too.
(5) NARS Funny Face –  I have been obsessed about  for months, it has the perfect hot pink color that I really really wanted and this is my favorite lipstick as of this moment.
So there you go, my whole life in a post, just kidding, maybe next time I can do a little bit of make up tutorial? hmmm too early to say I guess. Maybe I’ll just stick with style photos, oh and by the way, I won a new Marc Jacobs bag from Fashiolista! I’m so excited to post actual photos of the bag… I’m already planning outfits to go with it and everyone will call me.. “The Girl with a snakeskin Marc Jacobs bag” haha! (This is what I get from obsessive re-reading of Shopaholic series). But seriously, thank you Fashiolista for the wonderful surprise!!
Anyway, I need to go eat now, good bye guys!


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