Right Here, Right Now

They say, you will never really understand how much something means to you until it’s gone. Until you’re left own your own, alone with your thoughts, thinking if somehow you made a mistake. And no matter how much you wanted to take things back the way they used to be, you can’t because there’s always something that’s holding you back.
I am never really good in goodbyes, but this time I was brave, because I knew it was for the best. Life goes on, people change and that’s just the way things are, certainly it’s hard to part with someone you love but I can’t curl up in bed and make myself feel like I am the most miserable person on earth. What I need to do is to rise up, put on a brave face and keep it going, keep it moving.
And sadly, this song kept singing in my mind for days.
ZARA blazer/F21 top, shoes,bag/TOPSHOP necklace/SWATCH watch/HOLIC bracelet/MANGO sunnies

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