Mary and the Secret Garden

It’s official, I’m obsessed. I am obsessed with Spring/Summer. I normally hate the summer as in totally, because I hate sweating and I hate the dry scorching hot weather. But I am recently loving it all because of the lovely summer clothes, flowers, linens, whites, nudes..everything that spells lovely on it.
Anyway, the skirt I am wearing is one of my newest acquisitions from Zara’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. It’s a WOMAN skirt that I got from my mom on my birthday. I instantly fell in love with the Celine inspired floral print and the asymmetric silhouette. I feel like I am Mary from Mary and the Secret Garden, only I left my garden for the city and left some flowers on my skirt, whatevs (haha). So, I paired my oh so lovely skirt with a clean white blazer and a white top and some nude shoes to neutralize the print. Lastly, added a bit of edginess with my studded belt.
Hmm..expect more prints from me this season!
Kira Plastinina blazer/Mango top/Forever 21 bag and shoes/ZARA skirt


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