Gold on my Shirt and Gold on my Hair

I know I’m such a lazy style blogger and I don’t get to post photos that often and when I do, I don’t even post a lot (like what I am doing now). But please bear with me, I work like 12 hours a day and I don’t have that much time to update. Ok, forget it, I just really wanted to post my outfit last Thursday. I have only 2 decent photos because the lighting was too yellow and that it was very windy and my hair kept covering my face.
Anyway, my mom told me that my new hair color almost matched my gold t-shirt and it looks kind of shockingly weird in daylight because it’s too blonde, haha but I love it that way, I love the subtle roots, the yellowish ombre and the strawberry blonde coat. Talk about standing out from the crowd ❤
ZARA gold top/ZARA skirt/F21 bag/Topshop necklace/JC Lita shoes


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