A Lack of Color

Lately, I’ve been having second thoughts about everything, is this the right thing to do? Is this what I wanted to happen? Do I really wanted to do this? These are the questions that I ask myself. And maybe sometimes I don’t have the right answer to all of of my everyday doubts but perhaps it’s true, I have been changing.
Anyway, on a lighter note, the pictures above were taken last January, during the last day of our end of season inventory. My colleagues and I agreed that all of us should wear something for Spring/Summer, something breezy and pleasing to the eyes. Which was actually a bit of a challenge for me because I always believed that I never (or almost) look good in bright colors. If you happen to notice, I always stick to the same black-gray-white hue because they make me look thinner and taller (and that I always wear heels because of the same reason that I just mentioned).
Pants, colors, flats, decisions or however you may see it…All I know is that right now I wanted something different, I wanted to change the way that I always used to be. After all change is good, change is healthy and change is the only thing in the world that’s not temporary.
Michael Kors blazer/Mango top/F21 skirt and shoes/H&M accessories


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