Thoughts and Dilemmas Over Mustard

Someone asked me a while ago how I was doing, and I said “I’m ok” and so he asked again, because he said I didn’t look ok to him these past few days.
Like I always say, I often talk too much, so it maybe surprising when I suddenly become all serious sand quiet, but you know what in  reality, when I don’t talk, it’s either I am being observant, I am trying to focus on what I am doing, I don’t really care or my head is up in space. But more often than not, I try to observe things and probably tend to agree or disagree on what I see, hear or feel about people.
I talk very casually too, I have a very happy mood most of the time but, when I am hurt or offended, I try to let it pass to avoid confrontation (because I hate confrontation). And, as much as possible, I wanted to impress everyone with what I can do, but sometimes (and some people) just don’t quite understand and probably interpret my actions in a negative way.
Oh well, you know when they say that we live in a world where nobody is perfect and that you can never really please everyone?
Right now, I can’t really agree more.
F21 top and bag/H&M shorts/Aldo shoes/Mango sunnies/DIY necklace by Aby Valentos/Cole Vintage bangles

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