A Gift of Life

I still remember that day, that moment when I found out that I wasn’t really normal like everyone. It was the strangest thing for me and probably the most dreadful for my parents. I never really saw them crying but I saw the fear in the eyes, the fear that one day they might lose me.
Once a upon a time there was a girl who was born with a congenital heart disease, she found out about it when she was 11 and she have gone on a heart surgery when she was 17.   After 5 years, she got her degree in college and she’s pursuing a fantastic career in fashion.
And now I am blogging, but this is not really supposed to be my story, it’s supposed to be a story of another child.

A wonderful child named Bien Louis, a child of one of my colleagues in Zara, although I haven’t really personally met the child, I was gripped by his story. He is a new born baby and he is diagnosed with Bien Louis was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. It’s a congenital disease of the liver wherein his bile duct between the liver and small intestine is absent.

I found out through his blog that, he was supposed to undergo Kasai Procedure but upon the biopsy procedure performed by his doctor, they have decided that the only effective treatment for his condition is liver transplantation.

The doctor advised that Bien be operated the soonest time possible. This procedure will cost around P2,500,000 ($60,000). The family needs help to raise the said amount.

I am writing this post to ask help from all of you, the procedure costs a lot and the family would really appreciate your gracious donations.
You can learn more about Bien’s story by reading this blog http://bienlouis.blogspot.com/
Journeyco Fermin
mobile #:
(+63) 908.231.1550

Jorie Belle C. Fermin
mobile #:
(+63) 918.334.1580

Residence: Taytay, Rizal


BPI Account:
Jorie Belle Cruz

Banco de Oro Account:
Jorie Belle Cruz

 I hope we could a give this little kid a chance, a chance to have a normal life, a chance to learn and discover, a chance to live.

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