Back in Brooklyn

Sometimes I find it so redundant when I start my posts with “It’s blah blah AM here in Manila and I can’t sleep” but I can’t help it, because I really can’t sleep. I had too much coffee today, 3 cups actually. It was my off from work and I decided to spend it at home and do my homework. I have been making additional research on Spring Summer 2012 trends which is both painful and nostalgic. Painful because Fall 2012 shows are already officially starting in New York and it sucks @!#@#! that I am here in Manila watching the shows through the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I  love Manila to death, but it doesn’t hurt to fly a few thousand miles to see some of my favorite designers.
Also, one of many reasons why I can’t sleep is that I can’t help thinking about my weight. I’ve lost a few pounds ever since I started working and I’m still not eating rice (for 3 years!) but I need a real diet plan. Remember when I promised last year that 2011 is project skinny year? Obviously I didn’t kept my promise but I really wanna make it come true. I know I shouldn’t be saying all this online, but surprise surprise, I’m starting to like pants and the only flattering way I could wear them is that if I lose some serious 30 lbs.
Going back, The reason why I posted the photo above was because I was reminiscent of my trip to NYC last Sept and because I was wearing was one of my favorite ensembles ever. The vest I was wearing was from one of the most respected designers here in Manila, Lulu Tan-Gan.
I also loved the story behind this photo, Jessica and I spent the whole afternoon in Brooklyn searching for cool vintage shops (as what we have been seeing on TV and all) but somehow the taxi driver dropped us at some isolated yet scenic place. We got tired of vintage shops and so we tried to locate the nearest cafe instead.  We started the day having no plans then ended up 2nd row at Custo Barcelona and accidentally meeting Brad Goreski while we were on our way to the Elle party. How cool is that?
Right now I am about to say “How I wish I could go back to the past”, but since it’s so overrated and because Katy Perry made a her version a bit more dramatic, then I’d like to end this post with a big….

The past is like a handful of dust. It filters through your fingers, disappearing little by little. I wish, for one day, I could go back.

And in an instant I felt like a 16 year old again. Good night guys!

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