I Feel Good

After few weeks of serious hibernating, I’m back, well not totally, but yes, I found an acceptable time to somehow give an update on what I have been up to lately.
Obviously this season was ending and I was listed as part of the inventory team in my work. We roamed around all the Zara’s here in Manila to count all the stocks and compute all the losses blah blah blah. To make the story short, I’ve been taking graveyard shifts for 2 weeks. I lack proper feeding and I’m trying my best to go back to normal programming.
Anyway, time flies so fast, and good news are coming my way little by little. I can feel that 2012 is really my year, all I need is the right amount of energy and motivation (and of course big big dose of inspiration) and I’m on my way up! woooohooo! Sorry, I’m just feeling really really good today. 🙂
So before I get my ZzzzzZZ, I’m gonna give a sneak peek of my upcoming post(s).


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