Beegee Margenyte by Tina Luther for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong February 2012

It’s five o’ clock in the morning here in Manila. I’ve gone a bit early from work which is rather unusual. I have been doing some overnight job and right now, I’m finding a hard time to catch my sleep.
And so, I’m hungry and awake, I was thinking about getting something to eat but there’s nothing edible in the kitchen aside from chocolate drink and beef jerky. But then I saw these photos from the Harper’s Bazaar HK Feb 2011 issue and I can’t say that I am not in love.
There is something about this editorial that makes me feel nostalgic. I love the contrast between the softness of the setting and the toughness of the styling. It’s more of like trying to hold on to the of the complexity of the past but then slowly moving to the vague and the unknown future.
Anyway, I need to sleep..have a happy weekend everyone!
photos via FashionGoneRogue


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