2011 – The Good Life

I was planning to make a video summary of my whole 2011 but I’m afraid I don’t have the enough time to do it.
Anyway, maybe a short blog post (something that came from the bottom of my <3) will do…
So..2011 has been one of the most frustrating yet blessed year for me. It started so badly but ended up nicely. I had my questions and regrets at the beginning, ranting about how my life isn’t working for me..but you know as they say, God is so great because when it rains it pours.
And so I’d like to thank everyone who has been part of my 2011 and who helped me become the person I am today…
To Zara Philippines, who made me feel that loving your job is possible even when you are pressured and stressed to the maximum level :P.
To my sponsors, Make-Up Forever and Toni and Guy Manila Β for trusting me to promote your brands.
To my readers, thank you so much for following my Urban Dai, I know I am pretty lazy in updating my blog sometimes (or maybe often), my schedule has been very hectic but I promise to share more to you guys next year πŸ™‚
To Nokia and Elle and my new blogger friends (Jessica, Cindy, Ricardo, Lauren, Barbro, Julie and Bonnie) thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable New York Fashion Week experience. I hope to see you guys again in the near future.
Lastly I’d like to thank my ever supporting family and friends, who stood by my side, rain or shine.
And so 2012 is waiting for us just around the corner, also, I am about to bid good bye to 21 because I’ll be turning 22 in less than 2 days. Β I can’t say that I am afraid of what the year has for me.. but I’m definitely hoping that I would be great. Life is good.
With that, I’d like to leave you guys the soundtrack of my year..

Happy New Year!!


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