Black and Gold

I have been in total MIA mode during the previous weeks and I really do apologize for that. As much as I wanted to say that I am not busy with work, I can’t because I really am. This season has been sooooooo crazy! (not to mention uber uber uber tiring and stressful)
Enough with the holiday drama, for Christmas eve, I wore something black and gold. I’m recycling my sheer maxi skirt from one of my recent post because it matches well with the sparkling sheer top that I got from Mango. For the bag… guess what?? haha!
Anyway, I’d like to congratulate again the winners of URBAN DAI x TONI and GUY giveaway: Nina Malveda, Leihana Taguiam and Karen Kho, they all get to have a Christmas makeover  (haircut and color) c/o Toni & Guy Manila! Yehey! can’t wait to post their photos. Also, I’d like to thank everyone who joined and for Toni & Guy Manila 🙂
This year has totally been fruitful, I hope it never ends but sadly it will in a few days 🙂
Mango top
Forever 21 skirt
Forever 21 bag

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