Yes, My Hair is Short

For those of you who are asking, NO, I am not wearing a wig and YES, I had a haircut. Last Wednesday, I went to Toni and Guy to have my hair fixed. I love my long messy hair but the ends weren’t giving me justice anymore (plus my boss really hates it ahahaha), so I decided to get a haircut. Gian (technician) wanted to give my an hombre but I said no, because I wasn’t really sure if I can pull off that look and I don’t know if I am allowed to sport that hairstyle to work. Anyway, I told the people from Toni and Guy to give me a short fresh new look so I ended up getting a bob.

I was really really afraid when Gilbert (stylist) was cutting my hair because the last time I had short hair (2009) I ended up looking like a serious joke. But I because I trusted the people from Toni and Guy, I gave them the authority to do whatever they want.

And the result is…..tadaaaa

Short bob with thicker and fuller bangs! Gian removed my highlights and replaced my dark brown shade with something like matte light brown/reddish/totally fabulous chic color. And they gave me this amazing treatment to give my hair thst extra shine. I love it! I absolutely do and my boss loved it too haha!

Thank you so much to Toni and Guy Manila esp Gian, Gilbert and Russell for always giving my hair the magic that it needs!

Anyway if you guys want to get an awesome hairstyle, visit Toni and Guy at SM Megamall, Trinoma and 6750. And don’t forget to like them on Facebook.


8 thoughts on “Yes, My Hair is Short

  1. nina mae

    nice hairstyle,,square cut with a combination of a round layered,,you look fabulous.i think much better than your longhair before,,,,perfect,,,,,,great hairstyle,i love it

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