All The Other Kids

Photos from one of my recent day offs, the most tiring one I must say. Morning, I accompanied my sister at St. Lukes for her check-up then did a little bit of shopping. We stopped by Uncle Cheffy’s at BHS for lunch, we had oysters, pizza and lechon. Joaquin’s check up was next, he had his 2nd vaccine 😦 poor baby.

The last agenda was to accompany my little brother to the Happy Feet 2 LSGH premiere at Galleria. I was actually complaining about it because I’m not really a fan of dancing penguins, but then again I love my brother so I had stay with him. Good thing was they weren’t selling extra tickets anymore, so I was saved. I roamed around shops and had bubble tea while waiting for my brother.

For the outfit, I wore my killer Michael Antonio sky-high boots that day, but I had to change to my Litas because I might scare the LSGH students and parents in Galleria. Alsoooo, it’s my first time to really wear a maxi skirt (haha I KNOW!), I trying to get out of my fashion comfort zone lately, because I’m getting bored with my usual shorts/mini skirt ensemble. I can’t say I love PANTS, well not yet, but I do love maxi skirts.

Anyway, it’s late, I need to take a rest, I don’t wanna be late for work tomorrow.

Forever 21 top, skirt and accessories

Cole Vintage clutch

Ray-ban sunnies

Swatch watch

Michael Antonio Sky High boots

Jeffrey Campbell Lita


4 thoughts on “All The Other Kids

  1. Nestor Ventura Jr.

    “I cant say I love pants, well not yet”, remember college when you told me youll never wear pants, and now you are considering them. Haha! Nice look btw.

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