Zara TRF Evening Lookbook

It’s almost 2 am in the morning but I couldn’t sleep, well not without sharing with you guys the latest  Fall/Winter 2011 look book from Zara. I am currently in love with TRF’s evening collection which includes gold, black, silver, white, sequins, lace, fur and all things fabulous. All the clothes that reminds me of Christmas, my favorite time of the year.

My favorite pieces from this collection are the ff:  mono black and white blazer, gold sequined shorts, black mullet skirt and the uber eye catching fur coat (which, btw is inspired by Fendi).

The mood of the look book also kind of inspired me to my own photo shoot with my favorite Zara outfits. Oh how I love the holidays, the perfect excuse to look over the top cool.

Anyway, for some good news, Zara TRF’s evening collection is now available at Zara Rockwell!!! So what are you guys waiting for? Visit Zara Rockwell now

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