Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones but Gold and Silver Excites Me

Can you guess on which Fall/Winter trend I am addicted to? Yep! Metallics, I am inlove with all things black, gold, silver, studs, sequins and everything that screams glitter glitter glitter!

I love how metallics instantly oooomphifies what ever look I am trying to pull off. Gold and silver suddenly became my new black. And since I am home today, I picked out my favorite metallic shoes, handbags and accessories from Zara. So even though I haven’t created my annual Christmas wishlist yet, it’s kind of easy to understand what I want under my tree. Haha!

Anyways do you guys love gold and silver as much as I do? Then come to Zara Rockwell, and I’ll be happy to dress you up in the most chic metallics ensemble! see you!


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