Gold, Silver and All that Glitters

Last week, I was tasked to do my first ever coordination test and that is dressing up the Trafa mannequins!

This challenge was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, why? because I’ve never dressed up a mannequin ever! Yes styling yourself could be fun and easy, but fashion is always about feeling good about what you wear and to state the obvious, mannequins don’t have feelings at all (haha!).

Also, I always have to keep in mind that I have to stay in line with what the brand is communicating, good thing TRF’s style is kind of close to mine, so it made the challenge a bit easier.

Anyway, my boss wanted something metallic, something shimmering so I chose to mix up gold with a bit of silver and some fur and finished up with the right amount accessories.

So what do you guys think? not bad for a first timer? yes? 🙂

And oh, don’t forget to visit Zara Rockwell!

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