Roses Have Thorns They Say

| Top – H&M, Skirt – Forever 21, Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell, Clutch – Banana Republic, Ring – Forever 21, Necklace – H&M |

As I’ve said, after our trip to the vineyard, we went straight home to change. I wore the same top and clutch then I ditched my shorts for a more lady like look. I got the flowy skirt from Forever 21, I’m never a fan of mustard but I love how this skirt compliments my color. I also changed my flats to something more flattering, hello to my JC shoes again. The most comfortable platforms I’ve ever worn my whole life.Lastly, I wore this humongous connector ring to add a bit of casual formality.

Oh, do you guys remember when I said months ago that N8 is the ultimate accessory a girl could ever have? Contest might have ended but my love for this pink phone is just undeniably obvious.

Anyway, dark colors, pop of colors, black boots..Don’t you guys just love Fall? ❤


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