Capturing the Moment

Since I was about to leave soon, my sister scheduled a photo session at Sears’ photo studio. It’s actually been 5 years since I last entered a commercial studio to have my photo taken (well except for id requirements). Most people would think that I am very comfortable posing for the camera since I am a fashion blogger blah blah, but not everyone knows that I have my awkward moment sometimes. Especially when a total stranger takes a shot of me and when I don’t have the chance to do my own poses. I don’t have any copies the photos yet, but at least now, you can imagine Β what I looked like in my Sears photoshoot.

After our trip to the vineyard, we went home straightly to change into our “photoshoot” outfit. It was my sister’s vain moment that day. Here’s what she wore

| Top – H&M, Skirt – Vera Wang, Shoes – INC, Bag – Cole Haan |

We got the same matching top from H&M plus the same silver necklace (will post outfit shot soon). Her skirt is one the most perfect purchases. Vera Wang for a very reasonable price, I actually regret that I didn’t get one for myself too. Anyway, I’m eyeing on her shoes, I love the how gun metal chains added a bit of edge to the simple black pumps, definitely my style (hope she sends it to me :P).

Anyway, our day wouldn’t be complete without our usual trip to the mall

I’d probably be bankrupt if I would be buying every single thing that caughts my eye if not, then my mom would’ve probably killed me. Anyway, don’t you just love these shoes? They are my new motivation to work hard (and bags, and clothes, and accessories, haha! everything!)


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