A Little Androgynous

| Top – H&M, Shorts – H&M, Bag – West, Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace – H&M, Sunnies – Ray-Ban, Connector Ring – Forever 21 |

Androgyny is one of the major trends this Fall 2011, the word actually is the term to describe the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics.

There are actually 2 reasons why I can’t fully commit on this trend before:

1. I don’t wear pants/jeans

2. I am not skinny (don’t get me wrong, I love my body and all but it wouldn’t hurt to be size 0-4 sometimes. Trust me.)

Ok so last October 5, 2011, I unplannedly tried to fully commit on this trend. I had this silver top and my uber versatile winner shorts from H&M to wear. I decided to lock my top up to the last button, I think this move somehow gave the 50% of the look. Also, I’ve been using this Nine West bag ever since I got home from the US, it’s perfect because I can use it as a hand bag or a clutch (depends on how much stuff I got). I accessorized using a silver necklace instead of a bow tie, also, I left all my stocked up bangles that day, because I’ve been practicing that minimalistic look lately. Lastly, my look wouldn’t be complete without..well I guess you guys all know what I am talking about, JC Litas!

Speaking of masculinity and such, did I tell you guys that  wore this outfit when I accompanied my sister in her last check-up as a pregnant woman? Ok I just did. She actually took the photos for me, outside St. Lukes, before I went to the STATUS project and few hours before she gave birth.

4 days after, I’m here at her home blogging and giving my sister a helping hand, in short, all around yaya.

I’m running out of words, all I can hear right now are loud coos from my mom, my sister and my little brother and a yes, an ear breaking scream from my cute little nephew. I’ll leave you with this photo, taken few minutes after he came out.

photo taken by his daddy, Jay Jallorina

Joaquin Rafael. isn’t he adorable?


6 thoughts on “A Little Androgynous

  1. Sarah L.

    Nice! I was just wondering if those jc litas fit true to size or should I get something bigger? I’m planning to get one too! Thanks!

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