Express California Adventure

I’ve been so delayed with my posts about California, I’ve been so busy finishing my requirements for my upcoming job, yup, real life. And my sister also gave birth yesterday, another cute baby boy for us (will post a separate blog for that).

Anyway, to continue my California adventure, my sister and I went to Del Monte Shopping Mall in Monterey to walk around and kill time before going to the gym.

After gym class my sister and I headed to Salinas to visit the wonderful Cecilia and Richard Cole. We had dinner (Filipino Style :)), coffee and a few good chats to catch up on the what’s what and who’s who.

and of course, this post would not be complete without outfit shotssssss

| Knit Top – Express, Leggings – Accessorize, Bag – B.Mokawsky,

Necklace – Aby Valentos, Braided Bracelets – Holic Accessories, Accessorize |

It was bright, sunny and chilly that day. I had this white wool knitted top from Express (c/o my sister) to wear. I paired it with black leggings and my favorite boots then I played around accessories. I was still on the decluttering moment of my life so B.Mokawsky sling bag was still my choice of luggage (haha!). For the hair, well most of the people are asking why I wear my hair that way (or at least most Filipinos do), I wash my hair everyday, it’s just that I don’t really like brushing it all the time. And I like it when it’s all messy and rugged looking.

Soooo that’s it for this post. I’ll FF some of my other adventures in Cali in a bit!


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