Food Trip: Chinese Szechuan for Lunch

On my 2nd half of stay in California, I have already managed to follow a daily routine and that is to wake-up, find something to wear, find something to eat, go to the mall, do something else then go home.

So, for the “find something to eat” part, I specifically requested my sister if we could eat in a Chinese restaurant since I’m craving for dumplings and stir fried noodles but they don’t have that! I mean they don’t have this Chinese cuisine fusion place where you just think of any Chinese food then it pops out of the menu. They do have these specialty restaurants though, and for lunch I wentย Szechuan (not that I realize they difference).

Anyway, the food was good and flavorful, I sworn not to eat at least half of any dish but as usual, I killed my diet for a while. And because I am a lame food blogger, I forgot all the names of the food again. All I know is that there’s vegetable, noodles, beef and a bit of seafood.



Bon Appetit!


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