We’ve Been On The Run, Driving in the Sun

After work, my sister took me to  Seaside to introduce me to her boyfriend’s family. They were actually very nice, more like a Filipino family. They made me eat home made Mexican food and grilled pepper, which was really really spicy! Good thing my mom feeds me a lot of spicy dishes in the PH, I was all prepared.

Anyway, I ditched my school girl outfit for dinner and wore shorts instead (my idea of a California outfit). My Litas are actually back in action, I was doubting on wearing them at first because I might get the looks. But then again, I was tired of wearing my brown boots and it felt really good to be highly elevated sometimes.


| Blazer – Express, Shirt – Old Navy, Shorts – Wet Seal, Bag – Nine West, Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell,

Bracelet – Accessorize, Necklace – H&M, Sunnies – Tiffany & Co.|

I know, I know I’ve gained weight already and it’s kind of depressing because these photos were taken only on my 4th day in California. I have been eating too much! There’s only one person to blame for all this fat commotion and you know who you are…..haha!


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