Two Ways to Sweat in North CA

There are only 2 ways to sweat in North California and that is when you exercise and when you roam around shops (esp for sales). And so last last Sunday, my sister tagged me along in Oakland to go to her Zumba class.

If you ask me, Zumba is a good work out, it’s tiring and it’s new to my system. But the thing is, it’s kind of confusing, especially when the music changes.

Anyway, after the dance class, we went to her friends’ house to have lunch

With my new friends/ Zumba classmates

We were supposed to be meeting another friend in San Francisco after lunch but the schedule was cancelled so my sister and I went to Emeryville (East Bay) and went shopping instead.

We actually rushed our shopping because it was Sunday and shops in California closes earlier in weekends. We bought some stuff using my “aguinaldo” money that was given to me by my new friends, perfect timing because I was already very broke. Anyway here’s what I wore

| Top – Roxy, Skirt – Zara, Shoes – Forever 21, Bag – Cole Haan, Bracelet – DIY  |

My outfit was kind of perfect for the East Bay weather, warm and sunny but not hot. I bought the Roxy top on sale at Ross (aka my new favorite store) the day before. It actually resembles my favorite gray shirt from 2010 but the material is better (not to mention that it’s very very cheap haha!). The DIY bracelet I was wearing is actually a headband, it’s a piece I made 3 years ago, during my hippie stage.

It was a pretty tiring day but I actually enjoyed it, well, mostly on the shopping part because I suck at Zumba! haha


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