Mexican for A Day

My sister and her boyfriend took me to La Tortuga, an authentic Mexican (Oaxacan) restuarant last September 17, 2011. They wanted me to taste real Mexican food and so here it is

Giant Burrito

Burrito, Tlayuda and Quesadillas

Aztec (Mayan) Calendar

The food was totally amazing but again, the serving was too big. OMG and when I said giant burrito, I really mean GIANT like good for 4 people. Mine was actually undersized because I had the rice removed. Also, it was my first time to taste the Tlayuda and my sister was bothered that I might hate it but it was actually delicious, I call it Mexican pizza.

Anyway here’s what I wore that day

| Top – DKNY, Shorts – H&M, Bag – Accessorize, Shoes – Forever 21, Accessories – Accessorize |

It was bright and sunny that day but it was still cold, I didn’t wear my jacket because everyone are wearing tank tops. I was trying to hide the fact that I was freezing to death.

2 thoughts on “Mexican for A Day

  1. dinna

    you remind me of myself when i was there in California last year.. freezing all the time when everybody else seemed to sweat. 🙂

    oh, and btw, i did visit ate Jhoyce’s home in Albany, too. i saw her in one of your pics here. she and my sister are best friends in high school. you guessed it right, i’m from cabanatuan, and i know your two elder sisters (though i’m sure they don’t know me hehe) because we were all schoolmates. (i think naging classmates ang Ate mo and Ate ko.)

    i enjoy reading your posts.. and the pics that come with them. 😀

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