Urban Dai Goes To California

I didn’t sleep on my last night in NYC, it’s kinda hard to miss every moment because my flight was scheduled 6:00 am (and probably because I had packing issues). Anyway, since I had no plans of sleeping, Jessica and I bought our last Starbucks and sat in the middle of  Times Sqaure. Old music playing, people walking, light screaming…just as what I had imagined New York to be.

Few hours later, I found myself pulling my suitcase looking back at the old city that somehow changed my life. I closed my eyes and when I woke up, everything was different, not that it was back to normal but because I was already in Caaaalifoooorniaaaaaa.

Ok, to tell you guys the truth, California is not what I expected it to be. I thought it would be all about daisy dukes and bikinis, well technically it’s not! It’s way way colder here at this time than New York. The bad news is, tha I left all my warm clothes in NYC argh! I should be blaming Katy Perry for this!  Or maybe not, because most people here wear tank tops here everyday, I don’t know about them. Anyway, don’t you guys laugh on my following posts…I’m seriously freezing here.. like every single day!


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