Don’t Doodle On My Noodle

Last September 17 (I know major back blogging), my sister and her boyfriend took me to this Vietnamese restaurant called Noodle bar. My sister knew that I was craving so much for Asian food ( I actually had Filipino food the day before). Anyway, the food was soooo good but the things is I don’t really understand what is it about America and why all the food is served in big servings?ย Well ok, I finished my bowl anyway.

| Top – Forever 21, Jacket – Express, Skirt – WeSC, Scarf – Accessorize, Bag – Accessorize, Shoes – Forever 21, Accessories – Holic Accessories |

I had no idea how cold it was but it’s a good thing though, because I get to wear this lovely scarf from Accessorize. I really love that Proenza/Missoni looking patterns. And oh, I’m back to my brown boots, I dressed down a bit, ย this place is far from NYC, but it’s totally relaxing.


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