Nokia x Elle: Final Words

Few weeks ago, I got a call from someone who has an American accent telling me that she wanted to send me to New York in September. No words could express how I felt that night. I was crying, I was screaming, it was all so surreal.

And now it’s all done, I’m here in California wondering if everything really happened. Sometimes I still feel like I am in a dream but somehow, the photos and the videos tell New York was real.

Most of my friends ask me if I have already won this competition, I usually say, “I am already a winner” not because I want to brag but because it is true, I have already won. I may not have won as the “Next Style Correspondent” (well not yet) but I have already won the experience and  I guess the best reward that I have received in his competition are the people whom I’ve come across with. For they are the main reasons why I enjoyed my stay in New York.

To my co-finalists, Elle editors, the film crew, Bryanboy and to the old lady who cleans up my room, Thank you all so much for all the inspiring words and of course the good memories.

And to Meg Katie, Prima and the whole Nokia team, thank you for the wonderful opportunity and for believing in me and my potentials. Thank you for giving me a chance to showcase my creativity and for the unforgettable NYC experience.

I can’t really say that this is already goodbye, because like many stories, this is the a new chapter, a new beginning to a wonderful new book ahead.

So long, NYC, I will see you again soon. 🙂

Dieu est la gloire


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