Nokia x Elle Day 8: Walking in Central Park

My last day in New York is one of the most special days of my life. I went out alone and just walked around Central Park. My sister kept telling me to go there if I have time because nobody leaves NY without seeing the famous park.

I’m not really much of a “park person” because I hate walking but when I got inside, I was like “is this a dream?”. The place is so magical, every corner is just so scenic, buildings peeping out of the trees, the butterflies flying near the pond, the trees..I can’t explain it in words, one must really see for himself to understand what I am talking about

Sitting on the bench with my favorite drink

| Top and Skirt – Lulu Tan-Gan, Bag – Cole Vintage, Necklace – Aby Valentos, Accessories – Accessorize, Shoes – Michael Antonio |

Wandering alone creeps me out because I hate it when I’m not talking. But the thing I loved about walking in Central Park is that it gave me the peace of mind that I needed for that exact moment. The place is definitely an escape from the busy Manhattan life. The 2 hour walk I spent there before our final challenge is all worth it.


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