Nokia x Elle Day 7: Visit at the ELLE Headquarters NY

After the breakfast with Petra Middlethon, we headed out at the Elle Headquarters to meet Britt Aboutaleb, the Style News Director of and Keith Pollock, the Editorial Director of

Fashion journalism is one of the most over saturated market the fashion industry in a sea of websites and blogs. Britt and Keith stressed out how the web is changing the way fashion used to be.

Working online is like living in an apartment that has scaffolding around it at all times. Like any given moment we can say that we’re in the middle of redesign. Every moment we’re thinking about the next stuff – Keith Pollock

Because competitions are countless, people will always try to find something new and fresh that is why it is very important to be original and have your own point of veiw. Building a career in blogging nowadays is more like building a brand, it has to have value. With value it means that content wise, your blog is something that could be indentified by your readers.

Like Bryanboy, Most people say that building a name for 7 years is very long when it comes to fashion but compared to other bloggers Bryan is very much distinguished, you know his writing style, personal style and all the other styles there is. That is actually what’s facisnating about him, he has this strong edge or the “competitive advantage” (in Marketing terms) that separates him from all the bloggers from his generation and even in my generation.

It’s actually the same with ELLE magazine, Elle has established a name for itself,The voice of Elle is strong, the writing is so great. They have positioned themselves as a magazine that offers style and substance, and the positioning is consistent from all over the world.

For them, It’s all about creativity and setting yourself different from others. Well, not just in fashion but in every career there is in life.

All in all this meeting with Petra, Britt and Keith made me realize what I really want to in life and how much I wanted to pursue, a career in fashion marketing and blog on the side and a pair of good shoes to conquer the fashion capitals of the world!


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