Nokia x Elle Day 7: An Interview With Daisy Fuentes

Daisy Fuentes is one of the most popular international celebrities around the globe. She has been the cover of many magazines and the face of  numerous TV ads. She’s a model, actress, VJ, entrepreneur all in one. I am really really grateful for this opportunity to get to know her.

So here’s a bit of our personal interview

I: Tell me something more about the brand and how it started

D: wow, well, the brand is really a reflection of me, who I am. I am a person who is very into fashion and I created the clothing line to share my passions to all the women out there who wanted to feel good about themselves. The clothes that I offer are inexpensive but they make you feel great and when you feel great directs you to looking great as well.

I: What do you think is the reason behind the brands’ success? Any specific Marketing strategy?

D: For me, my Marketing strategy is that everything should come from the heart, you know, you  just to love what you are doing. I know this might be a little cliche’ but then it’s true. Yes, things might get a little crazy sometimes but trust me, everything is possible when you love your job.  Also, you should always always put your best effort to every single detail in anything that you do, because the result of hard work is just so rewarding.

I: How do you important do you think is social media in the fashion industry?

D: It’s great to see how fashion has become more accessible through social media. Use it wisely and it could take you to places

Daisy Fuentes is truly a remarkable person and very down to earth. She’s a woman of few words but when you talk to her you know that she is very honest and sincere. She’s a role model to the younger generation and an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs 🙂


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